It all starts with your idea. 

Once you decide that you want to live with a handmade, custom designed furnishing, contact me.  At that point we start the conversation.  We discuss your idea and your vision of the intended use of the piece and I begin the design process.  I talk to you about what woods would look and serve you best.  I try to source all materials locally. I use mostly Maple, Black Walnut and Douglas-Fir from Oregon and Washington.   Occasionally I use wood from street trees.  And I'm always ready to try to use wood that you may have and that means something to you.


I will normally translate your idea into a 3-D model and onto a 2-D drawing, which we work together to modify to suit your specific style, taste, and budget.  Once the design has been decided, we discuss the species of wood.  Here is where it can become tricky, but fun.  The choice of wood can have a dramatic effect on the piece, so this decision isn't trivial.


I use modern methods of joinery, which provide the strength and durability of traditional methods but require much less time to fabricate.  For wide tables, I outsource to a wide-belt sander to increase flatness and decrease hours spent hand sanding your project.  By utilizing modern machines and techniques, I can complete projects using the highest quality construction methods in the industry while still providing you with a very competitively priced timeless furnishing.