DavisWoodworks is the summation of over 30 years of wood obsession.  Way back, exploring the forests of western Montana, I collected cedar branches to be fashioned into primitive bows and arrows.  Later, I helped my dad build our house.  In high school, I excelled in shop class.  Years later, my obsession with wood was vindicated at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Finally, I had access to the vast knowledge of wood and its uses.  Furniture shops, cabinet shops, antique repair shops, and even a number of carpentry gigs followed.  Blinded by expectations and ambitions, I earned an Undergrad in Botany and a Masters in Plant Physiology from Oregon State University.  7 years of research on the importance of carbon in the environment followed.  Always in the background, lurking, wood.  Always making something, mostly small stuff, cutting boards, boxes, tables, incorporating the rules of nature- form follows function, more is less- approach.  Finally, fortune bestows the time and place to do contemplated woodworking.  Amongst it all, life and family continues and a new job.  Professionally, I teach classes about wood machining and processing in the Wood Science and Engineering Department at Oregon State University.